FG 179

FG 177Members on average receive 3-4 copies of the Register Newsletter Full Grille’ each year. The newsletter has historically carried articles of general interest to 80 inch owners and details of research and new findings going back to the conception of the Land Rover in 1947.

An outstanding example was in 2009, when Full Grille was the first publication to include interviews with Arthur Goddard, the Engineer in Charge of the Land Rover project in 1947/48 and subsequently a senior Development Engineer at The Rover Company. Arthur had left Rover in the mid 1950’s and subsequently moved to Australia and was ‘found’ there by the collaboration of two Register members. His recollections from the early days have proved to be of great interest.

All contributions to Full Grille are welcome. Why not write an article or a few paragraphs and/or send in some photos of your vehicle? The email address for contributions is: