Club Shop

As a result of moving the shop to new management there will be a delay in fulfilment of any order for the time being.

Orders can be placed to the secretary Andrew and an acknowledgment will be given

Important Register Shop Announcement

The committee has decided that due to a number of reasons the operation of the club shop is no longer a viable proposition and will therefore cease operation at the end of April 2017.

However until that time the existing process will continue.

Some of the key factors that brought us to this decision are:

  • No-one has come forward for the post of (or to offer help with) spares procurement.
  • Over the last few years a significant number of individuals are now producing quite a range of 80-inch related items and are marketing these individually.
  • Increase in popularity of the Series One has brought more major suppliers to the market.
  • The rise of the supermarket style Land Rover parts suppliers has created a want it tomorrow with free postage environment that we can’t compete with.
  • The ability to manufacture and import products for less than the cost it would take to make them in the UK is beyond the scope of the Register’s resources.
  • Increasing insurance liability costs for shop sales.

Given these factors it was clear the original intentions of the shop have been overtaken by time and events.

This announcement will also be posted in the next edition of Full Grille to be published early April 2017. Last orders will be taken at the end of April 2017.

A final stock list will be published on this web site at the end of April. The Register will invite sealed tenders for the remaining stock by a specific date following which acceptance of any tender will beĀ at the discretion of the Register.

Full tender details will be published in April.