The Register membership year runs from January to December.

The window for renewals this year is 1st December ’22 – 28th February ’23. If you are already a member please renew before the 28th of February to avoid your membership lapsing and then needing pay a £5 re-joining fee in addition to the annual subscription.


2023 Membership subscriptions fees are as follows:

UK £17.50

Europe £20.00

Rest of the World £24.00


New members also pay a £5.00 joining fee to cover the cost of sending back issues of Full Grille etc. New members also receive a confirmation of membership number and a welcome email with an information pack about 80” Land Rovers and the Club, from the Membership Secretary.

All applications will be acknowledged by email. The Register does not issue membership cards.

Both new/re-joining Members during 2023 will receive 2023 back issues of Full Grille. If these are unavailable, we will substitute with other back issues.

On-Line application

The easiest way to renew or join is to use the On-Line application.

There is an on-line form to complete, before payment via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can still pay through PayPal using a Credit/Debit card.

If you are a Lapsed Member re-joining please include your old membership number, if possible.

Important: On completion of the form, please tick the box to show your acceptance of the Register’s handling of Data policy. You will then be directed to your PayPal signing-in page for payment.

 This policy may be viewed by clicking on this ‘Data Protection & Privacy Policy’ link.

Postal application

If you would prefer to make a postal application, please write or email for an application form to the Memberships Secretary:

Tim Dines, 16 Pine Grove, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9AW

Apologies we have had some recent issues with the membership renewal process. If you have any issues with the page freezing do let us know. 

Existing Membership renewals

New Member joining or Lapse

If you have any questions please email: