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Membership Number: 1580

First Name: Richard

Surname: King

Address Line 1: Alice Lamberts Cottage

Address Line 2: Chapel Road, Thurgarton

Address Line 3: Norwich

Address Line 4: Norfolk

Post/Zip Code: NR11 7NP

Country: Norfolk

Telephone Number: 01263768077

Mobile Number: 07760304145


Vehicle(s) Information: DSV996 1950

Other Information: OFF ROAD SINCE 2017. Clutch shaft pin sheared off but did not fall out. Not as thought at first as clutch fail and reason taken off the road..New tilt being fitted from Undercover Covers this month and should be back on road soon after a few other jobs like spring bushes and full service.

Membership: UK Membership £15.00

Land Rover Register Memberships Agreement: I accept

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