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Membership Number: 1775

First Name: Stephen

Surname: Jones

Address Line 1: 3 Tollemache Cottages

Address Line 2: Wrexham Road

Address Line 3: Burland

Address Line 4: Nantwich Cheshire

Post/Zip Code: CW5 8NA

Country: GB

Telephone Number: 01270 524088

Mobile Number: 07579 828157


Vehicle(s) Information: 1951 2610 1664 OBG 92

Other Information: Owned since 14/06/1994. Bought from my Father in law who acquired the vehicle on 07/09/1991. He stripped down and rebuilt the vehicle unfortunately having to replace the original engine as the original engine had a cracked engine casing and cracked cylinder head. (which is why it was sold to my Father in law in the first place) I finished off the restoration and painted it with the markings of 88 heavy Ack Ack Regiment Royal Artillery. My Farther in laws National service regiment.

Membership: UK Membership £17.50

Land Rover Register Memberships Agreement: I accept

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