Re: Register Site Security

Very strange it should have a valid SSL certificate. I shall take a look an=
d see why it isn’t verifying. I will keep you posted.



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Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2021 10:26:02 AM
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Subject: Register Site Security

Good morning Iain.
It has been raised that the Register site is not currently secure; the=
actual payment part for people renewing membership is, as that happens via=
PayPal, but the rest of their data is not. Would it be difficult to obtain=
a SSL certificate which would give
us the encryption necessary for the hosting site to force to https? Apolog=
ies as they pretty much exhausts my IT security knowledge, but given that n=
ew or renewing members are depositing data as well as making payments, it f=
eels sensible to have this layer
of encryption? I believe that a basic SSL certificate would not cost a hug=
e amount per annum?
Kind regards
(Apologies too for sending this to both your addresses as I=92m not su=
re which you prefer to use!)