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First Name: john

Surname: french

Address Line 1: 59-60

Address Line 2: Cross Street

Address Line 3: Sudbury

Address Line 4: CO10 2DJ

Post\Zip Code: CO10 2DJ

Country: United Kingdom

Telephone Number: 07775991256

Mobile Number:


Vehicle(s) Information: 1956 s1, LS 6391 1948/49 s1 GUS 694 ( requires restoration) both Islay, ADV 204A s1 1952 V8 converted.

Other Information: Hi there,

LS 6391 originally belonged to the Laggan estate on Islay, I purchased this in 1987 and have maintained and stored it in original condition since, it is completely original.

GUS 694 I recovered from a peat bank again at Laggan, it is I beleive one of the first Land Rovers that came to Islay after production started. It had been abandoned many years on the peat bank when I recovered all of the body, part of the engine and a few other bits but everything steel had pretty much disintegrated, I have one of the original number plates and the local history from the previous owner who used it to cart peat. I believe these cars are both of historical importance. The latter car, given its pedigree I think needs to be authentically reconstructed on an appropriate chassis. Having kept all of the body panels together and original it wont be too hard to keep its original faded patina.

I would really appreciate it if you have any records of the production date of this car from your archive. Now I am retiring and after 34 years of safe storage in my garage on Islay I would like to carefully start the reconstruction.

ADV 204A is a red s1 that I rescued from Taunton and now have it back up and running. Its been significantly changed and was obviously used in competition. Again any history would be interesting, cheers John

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